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I offer coaching services for any creative artist who is serious about building their career.


As a globally successful playwright, entertainment Executive Producer, senior arts administrator and the Principal of Arts Business Academy, I'm uniquely positioned to help you understand the creative sector better and propel your career to the next level. I offer a 1-on-1 Career Development Coaching package to achieve this.

"You continue to impress. You are not only creative as a writer and producer, you are uniquely creative as an entrepreneur in the arts."
– Seth Freeman, 3-time Emmy winner

About the package

This is a structured package where you work closely with me for 3 months to develop a long-term plan for your career and begin to execute it immediately. You will learn strategies to work effectively and to evaluate the benefits of involvement in any project, which helps you make better decisions for life.


- Regular face-to-face or video meetings
- Additional "anything goes" support
- Accountability checking
- A further 12 months of automated coaching

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